SuperViolet is my novel, it’s tell about journey of young man and his girlfriend called Vicko and Deva. Vicko got super power from purple meteor. He uphold justice as SuperViolet. Read below to know the synopsis.


Never thought would be famous, has a lot of fans, it never crossed the mind of a young man named Vicko. His life was colored with happiness with a girl named Deva who always adorn his heart. His love story began frequent conflict since natural events happening in the city. A meteor hit the earth, the meteorite is not so big, Vicko who was seen falling meteor took it and brought it home.

Quiet town atmosphere made ​​crowded by hordes of robbers who call themselves 3J. Police car sirens wailed while pursuing an SUV carrying 3J fled after robbing a bank. The chase lasted a long time, but not in vain. Two of the three robbers were arrested and put in jail, but the other robber got away.

Vicko brought meteorite fall, in which containing chemical liquid. The fluid not accidentally enters to Vicko’s body. Something unexpected, the liquid activate hidden energy stored in Vicko’s body. His body like a magnet, can move objects without touching.

Johnny, the person of 3J members that got away suddenly plunged into the abyss with the money from the robbery. He is survived by holding on to the root of the tree, while the robbery money fell into the river. As he walked by the river, his body bounced by an explosion caused by a meteor that hit the earth. It has characteristics such as meteor ever found by Vicko. So that pent-up energy in the body to rise Johnny, even more powerful than Vicko. Johnny has a flying technique. With great power, he returned to the city to free two jailed friends are Jack and Jojo. They robbed the bank back, and hostage the officers and the customers. They did not hesitate to hurt anyone who prevent them.

Vicko immediately headed to the bank where 3J robbed after being informed that Devas became one of the hostages. With his face covered and with a quick motion techniques, Vicko save Deva. In a second Deva is free from robbers. After the incident, with its strength, Vicko determined to uphold justice in the world. He referred to himself as SuperViolet.

His first action for justice by thwarting a bank robbery done to so many times by 3J. In that event, Jack and Jojo were arrested. While Johnny gets away.

Johnny felt the presence SuperViolet can hinder his plans to conquer the world. He plans to destroy SuperViolet first. He fights against SuperViolet on rooftop of buildings. A trick that made ​​Johnny managed to lock SuperViolet movement. Johnny thought SuperViolet be killed hitting the asphalt, so he went straight back to his hideout. SuperViolet freefall quickly. He just crossed his arms across his head to withstand impact. Ahead approaching road surface, his body floated thanks to the power of meteorite absorbed in his body.

Their relationship are stretchable, Vicko rarely communicate because Vicko not have time anymore to Deva. Deva began to idolize SuperViolet since she had been saved from crime. Even been invited to fly to her favorite place. By mass media SuperViolet rumored relationship with Deva. The news makes Johnny upset, turns his guess fumble.

Johnny hostage Deva on tower cranes to attract attention SuperViolet. Johnny actions spread directly on the television news. Vicko who was watching a television report immediately to the place where Deva held hostage and turned into SuperViolet.

SuperViolet and Johnny fight back. They fight in full force and takes place in the middle of the city and even in the air. Both were issued a final technique, but with all the strenght, Johnny was forced to accept defeat. His body disappeared against SuperViolet final technique. With the disappearance of Johnny from the earth it is no longer the terror that threatens citizens. Deva and the townspeople who witnessed the deadly battle that has been proud to SuperViolet uphold justice. Townspeople crowned SuperViolet as a hero.

Deva invited Vicko meet in a cafe, she expressed her heart and she decided to end her relationship with Vicko. It was the last meeting with Vicko. Then she met SuperViolet at the usual place they met. During the meeting Deva expressed hers heart to the hero, the hero also have the same feeling, so they agreed to braid a love relationship. But Deva did not realize who the real figure behind the mask SuperViolet.


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